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(kōndōt-tyā`rā) [Ital.,=leader], leader of mercenary soldiers in Italy in the 14th and 15th cent., when wars were almost incessant there. The condottieri hired and paid the bands who fought under them. They dealt directly with the cities or states that requested their services and were responsible solely to them. They fought for the highest bidder, passing easily from one lord to another; this game proved dangerous and even fatal to more than one. Some condottieri had small states of their own, either inherited or acquired. The most famous were the Attendolos (founders of the SforzaSforza
, Italian family that ruled the duchy of Milan from 1450 to 1535. Rising from peasant origins, the Sforzas became condottieri and used this military position to become rulers in Milan. The family governed by force, ruse, and power politics.
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 family), ColleoniColleoni, Bartolomeo
, 1400–1475, Italian soldier of fortune. A condottiere, Colleoni fought in the wars between Venice and Milan, often changing sides and distrusted by both.
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, CarmagnolaCarmagnola, Francesco Bussone da
, c.1380?–1432, Italian condottiere. He fought for Filippo Maria Visconti, duke of Milan, in his wars against Florence and Venice but later fell out with Visconti and entered the service of Venice.
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, and Sir John de HawkwoodHawkwood, Sir John de,
d. 1394, English soldier. He fought in the French wars of Edward III and was knighted, although it is not known when or where. With his "white company" of mercenaries, he entered (1362) Italy and became a condottiere.
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See studies by J. J. Deiss (1966) and G. Trease (1971).

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Argalia's reintegration into the once familiar space is helped by Andrea Doria, the one who formerly deserted Argalia at sea: he recommends Argalia to Duke Giuliano in order to become the commander of Florence militia, the condottiere of the city: "Admiral Doria must have recommended me highly," he said to Duke Giuliano, readily accepting the generous terms.
Mr X gives a good insight, too, into the seemingly ubiquitous 21st century phenomenon, the PMC, from the early condottiere through the era of "Mad Mike" Hoare and Bob Denard to present-day Iraq.
Segun Hill, era mas bien la fidelidad del soldado al amo que le paga un sueldo y le procura beneficios economicos adicionales, a la manera de los mercenarios condottiere del Renacimiento europeo.
Marco Facino Cane di Varese etait, nous relate Balzac, noble Venitien, descendant du fameux condottiere eponyme, inscrit sur le <<livre d'or>> (FC, 547) de la Republique.
6) Rene Pelissier has called Coutinho "un condottiere functionnaire" (a military leader cum functionary), Naissance du Mozambique: resistance et revoltes anticoloniales (1854-1918) (2 vols.
No todo quedo como antes, sin embargo, pues cerca del agua puede verse la estatua ecuestre, antes desconocida, del poderoso condottiere Fido Saltamonttini.
Para karsiligi kiralanan ordularin atasi olan condottiere ise Orta Cagin sonlarinda italyan prensliklerinde gorulmustur.
Artemisia's Portrait of a Condottiere was painted in Rome in 1622, and given to the city of Bologna (Museo Comunale) by the Pepoli family in 1920: its location between those dates is a mystery.
29], a hardened and cynical condottiere, left the theatre in mid-performance in case other members of the audience saw him weeping, though an interesting anecdote, is no guide to moral norms: Heinrich Himmler, we recall, got excessively sentimental over his dachshunds, while Mozart and Wagner could reduce Dr.
Military contractors - condottiere - and their men were not welcome anywhere in Renaissance Europe.
More generally, looking means conquering when it is the mark of the decisive man, of a man "with the world in his arms" as Perec was fond of saying, a mastery that is signified by what could be called, after Antonello da Messina, the regard of the Condottiere.