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Conductor, Electrical


a material that readily permits the passage of an electric current through it—that is, a material that has a high electrical conductivity, or low resistivity ρ. Good conductors are materials with ρ ≤ 10-6 ohm-cm. In contrast to conductors, insulators have high resistivities—from about 1014 to 1022 ohm-cm. Semiconductors occupy an intermediate position.

Electrical conductivity is determined by the concentration and mobility of the charge carriers. Conductors include metals, electrolytes, and plasmas. In metals, the charge carriers are quasi-free conduction electrons. In electrolytes, the current is produced by positive and negative ions. In a plasma, the current is carried by free electrons and positive and negative ions. At low temperatures, many metals and some semiconductors become superconductors.

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The thermally conductive plastics market is driven by increasing demand for LED lights, lightweight heat sinks, electrical vehicles, medical devices, and lightweight automotive vehicles.
Growth of the global conductive carbon black market is mainly driven by the rising impetus from the plastics industry and the expanding applications of conductive carbon black in various industries.
Exfoliate happens when clay swells so much that it is no longer organized in stacks and nanocomposites show the best properties in this structure [11], Nanoclay has been also used in conductive composites containing carbon black to improve the dispersion of pigment in polymer matrix and to reduce the percolation threshold [12], However, further reports on the effects of nanoclay on the dispersion of conductive pigments are scarce and more in-depth evaluations are needed.
Transparent conductive film enables features of smart phones and electronics applications.
To obtain conductive compounds (101 - 10612/sq) there are two possibilities:
First, the overall conductive coatings market in electronics is growing, generally in alignment with global economic growth, and fueled partially by growth in the developing world.
Answer: Depending on the exact application, you may be able to use either copper or conductive epoxy and still end up with a reliable circuit.
In Europe, MDF used for powder coating is manufactured to be conductive--it has conductive materials added to the fiber mix prior to pressing, but this raises cost substantially.
The six leading resins--acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyphenylene-based resins, polycarbonate, polyethylene and polypropylene--together accounted for more than three-fourths of all conductive polymers used in 2005.
But the conductive skins didn't last long, needing replacement after only about 100 cycles.
Overmasking is commonly encountered in patients with bilateral conductive hearing loss.
Conductive education is a form of special rehabilitation developed in Hungary and the 20th year of conductive education in the UK will be marked in 2006.