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see motetmotet
, name for the outstanding type of musical composition of the 13th cent. and for a different type that originated in the Renaissance. The 13th-century motet, a creation (c.
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A solution akin to that adopted by Anderson in his conductus editions, where texts are fully provided separately from the music and accompanied with parallel English translations, would have certainly increased the size of the book, but would have definitely better served the scope of boosting further investigation in tracing specific "citations and the literary culture to which they bear witness" (p.
You can find them in the "Superconducting Wire" section, at the bottom of "The Conductus Process" page.
Shalvoy, President and CEO of Conductus, added, "We are excited about the strength and renewed energy the merged company will bring to our government products business.
Although the tropes display occasional short melismatic passages that may indicate modal rhythms, most of the music, both here and in the conductus, is equivocal in terms of such signs, as Cosart pinpoints characteristics of plainchant, organum purum, and copula within and among various pieces.
Conductus and its directors and executive officers may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies in connection with the merger.
The monophonic conductus "Beta viscera" on this disc seems to be the only rendition of the full seven verses, but unfortunately the clausula "Mors" is sung divorced from its chant context.
The past few months have included several important developments for Conductus," commented Charles Shalvoy, President and Chief Executive Officer.
What do the "insular" (British) conductus and the "common conductus" have in common?
in solid-state physics from University of Pennsylvania, and conducted research at Princeton University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Conductus Inc.
The proxy statement will be sent to the stockholders of STI and Conductus seeking their approval of the proposed transaction.
Admittedly, the transcription of conductus is a controversial task.