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in man, a limited inflammatory papillate out-growth of the skin and mucosa.

Condylomas usually arise in places subject to constant friction and irritation. A distinction is made between flat condylomas, mushroomlike growths resting on a broad base that are generally a manifestation of secondary syphilis or yaws, and acuminate condylomas, which are caused by a virus, have a lobular structure, and rest on a thin pedicle.

Condylomas develop, as a rule, in slovenly persons on genitalia that have been moistened by excretions and irritated, in the intergluteal and inguinal folds, and less commonly, in the arm-pits and in the corners of the mouth. The surface of a condyloma may become ulcerated. Condylomas do not disappear spontaneously. They can be treated by eliminating the primary pathological process (treating the syphilis, gonorrhea, yaws, or intertrigo) or by electrocoagulation or curettage.

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Condyloma acuminatum is common in the anogenital skin and mucosa.
Human papillomavirus (HPV), a DNA virus, causes both condyloma and anal cancer.
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P16/CDKN2A and Ki-67 enhance the detection of anal intraepithelial neoplasia and condyloma and correlate with human papillomavirus detection by polymerase chain reaction.
Though PDT is not equally efficacious for all subgroups, PDT for condyloma and intraepithelial neoplasia appears to be as effective as conventional treatments like cold-knife conization (34).
At one point, a large proportion of the patients he saw at the Columbia colposcopy clinic were HIV positive, but those numbers have markedly dropped now that most are on HAART, which has been shown to reduce the incidence of condylomas.
Low-grade VAIN has many features of a flat condyloma, compared with VAIN-3, which is more clearly a high-grade lesion, Dr.
The CryoPen is truly the best way physicians can treat many skin lesions including warts, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, condylomas and skin tags.
The other two HPV types contained in the vaccine--6 and 11--are associated with condylomas.
CSI also introduced the CooperSurgical InfraRed Coagulator (IRC) this year, a device that creates infrared energy for contact coagulation of condylomas (genital lesions).
Interferon alfa-n3 is indicated for condylomas acuminata, as is interferon alfa-2b.