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confession, confessio

1.The tomb of a martyr or confessor; if an altar was erected over the grave, the name was also extended to the altar and to the subterranean chamber in which it stood; in later times a basilica was sometimes erected over the chamber and the entire building was known as a confession.
2. The space immediately below, or in front of, the primary altar of a church.
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These belong to the very essence of the Church, even though classical Lutheranism does not regard them as being on the same level as the gospel, and the sacraments proposed by the Confessio Augustana.
28) It is evident throughout Confessio that Gower sees a plain style as ideal.
Confessio augustana (= CA) 28,21 : Die Bekenntnisschriften der evangelischlutherischen Kirche (= BSLK), Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Gottingen 1976, 123-124.
Similarly, the connections made by the individual writers between the self-serving confessio and the celebrity expose, the didacticism of the exemplum and modern ghost stories, and the vain delusion common to the fabliaux and both the con game and film noir, attest to both the malleability and the modernity of Chaucer's material.
Omnis igitur corporis actio est motus>>, Confessio naturae contra atheistas, Ak 6, 1, 493; vid.
Separandose del concepto codicial de confesion, la jurisprudencia habla ya de confessio o testimonium de la parte pro y contra matrimonii valorem; de esta ultima se afirma que no tiene valor de prueba, pero puede servir de adminiculo para confirmar otras pruebas, e incluso servir como prueba de un hecho puramente interno a la parte (19).
12) In this case, the Lutherans asked for an initial theological commentary or assessment by the Orthodox about the content of the Confessio and the main doctrines of the Reformation, implying that they believed they shared more or less the common faith and doctrines of the ancient church.
En su calidad de obrar la verdad, la confessio implica tambien, en efecto, sobre todo movimiento y progreso.
23) For instance, Hoccleve himself copied part of Gower's Confessio Amantis (Cambridge, Trinity College MS R.
Patrick's life come from his great works - Confessio, a spiritual autobiography, Epistola, a denunciation of mistreatment of Irish Christians, and Declaration.
The Poetic Voices of John Gower: Politics and Personae in the Confessio Amantis
Her survey--spanning Gower's Confessio Amantis, Chaucer's Legend of Good Women and Melibee, to English translations of Christine de Pisan s Epistre Othea --considers the variety of ways in which female characters offered advice and shows how women could be represented in ways which run contrary to antifeminist assumptions.