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The Attorney Generals report confirms what the Office has said from the beginning: the Governors Office has never used Confide or any similar application to evade state records laws.
Encrypted messaging app Confide is boosting its efforts against unwanted screenshots on iOS devices, the platform (https://blog.
Selon le Washington Post, la Maison Blanche utilise une application de messagerie securisee du nom de Confide.
I'M SCARED TO CONFIDE IN MY MUM Dear Coleen I FIND it hard to confide in my mum.
It's more about letting her know that she can confide in you if she needs to rather than a conversation about the birds and the bees.
I just want you to listen because I want to be able to confide in you.
New Delhi, Feb 14 ( ANI ): Many Chinese men have intimate female friends to confide their feelings, a survey has said.
Having you to confide in must have been a great help.
What we didnt bank on was how quickly these are passed on by those we confide in.
2 : to display trust by telling secrets <She needed to confide in a friend.
Therefore, it has always been a natural thing to confide in your minister, provided that you truly feel that you "have faith in" or can trust him or her.
Her lesbian cousin gives her practical advice and so too do her parents when she begins to confide her feelings.