configuration management

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configuration management

A discipline applying technical and administrative controls to:

1. Identification and documentation of physical and functional characteristics of configuration items.

2. Any changes to characteristics of those configuration items.

3. Recording and reporting of change processing and implementation of the system.

See also code management, software life-cycle.

configuration management

(1) In a network, a system for gathering current configuration information from all nodes in a LAN.

(2) In software development, a system for keeping track of large projects. Although version control, which maintains a database of revisions, is part of the system, a full-blown software configuration management system (SCM system or CM system) automatically documents all components used to build executable programs. It is able to recreate each build as well as to recreate earlier environments in order to maintain previous versions of a product. It may also be used to prevent unauthorized access to files or to alert the appropriate users when a file has been altered.

Increasingly, parts of version control and configuration management are being added to application development systems. Examples of stand-alone configuration management systems are PVCS, CA Harvest and ClearCase. See CSCI and version control.
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Enterprise Configuration Management Database (CMDB) using a federated approach across various infrastructure types
Network Configuration Management SystemsCoTo integrate configuration change and compliance assurance across networks, servers and applications
Network device configuration management has primarily been a manual process involving typing commands into vendor-specific command line interfaces or creating homegrown scripts to ease retyping requirements.
In addition, during the past year, Voyence has experienced rapid growth, more than doubling its base of installed customers and securing the technology lead for network change and configuration management -- with support for a growing list of over 1,250 devices.
We've previously sold other network change and configuration management software, so we have an excellent understanding of customer needs in this critical area," says Paul Babicki, chief executive officer of Tabula Rosa Systems.
Customers involved with service level management, asset optimization, configuration management database (CMDB) initiatives, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, or broader business service management goals all use Entuity's scaleable solutions to achieve their objectives.
The suite's back-office capabilities provide a higher level of automation and transparency to release, change and configuration management processes.
Configuration management involves the identification and definition of the assets within the IT infrastructure such as switches, software, and servers, and the relationship between the various components.

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