configuration management

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configuration management

A discipline applying technical and administrative controls to:

1. Identification and documentation of physical and functional characteristics of configuration items.

2. Any changes to characteristics of those configuration items.

3. Recording and reporting of change processing and implementation of the system.

See also code management, software life-cycle.

configuration management

(1) In a network, a system for gathering current configuration information from all nodes in a LAN.

(2) In software development, a system for keeping track of large projects. Although version control, which maintains a database of revisions, is part of the system, a full-blown software configuration management system (SCM system or CM system) automatically documents all components used to build executable programs. It is able to recreate each build as well as to recreate earlier environments in order to maintain previous versions of a product. It may also be used to prevent unauthorized access to files or to alert the appropriate users when a file has been altered.

Increasingly, parts of version control and configuration management are being added to application development systems. Examples of stand-alone configuration management systems are PVCS, CA Harvest and ClearCase. See CSCI and version control.
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Altiris is working to make security predictable and repeatable by integrating it with an industry-leading configuration management solution.
Optimal Integration of Release, Change and Configuration Management
Critical areas of the change and configuration management were further enhanced in ITSM 4.
Some enterprises try to do configuration management manually when they believe that it is needed.
Although configuration management and the use of ITIL and/or COBIT, and the implementation of a CMDB can be seen as central structures for ITSM, the story does not stop there.
Cirrus Configuration Management Software v3 makes it easy for network administrators to perform bulk changes, updates to IOSs and automatic backups of their network device configurations.
Cirrus Configuration Management is a powerful application that allows network engineers the ability to easily manage configurations on heterogeneous, multi-vendor networks.
Engineers run continuous checks and produce automated reports from data in ECM's configuration management database (CMDB) to address auditing inquiries.
This enterprise configuration management product enables cross-platform management and can monitor, manage and audit hardware and software configurations for the servers and clients in the organization," said Amy Eisenberg of Windows IT Pro.

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