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, conformance
compliance with the practices of an established church


The condition established when an aircraft's actual position is within the conformance region constructed around that aircraft at its position, according to the trajectory associated with the aircraft's current flight plan.
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For the specific models of Huawei S Series Switches that have passed the OpenFlow conformance test, please visit:
Anite s fully automated Conformance Toolset solution uses the internal baseband fading capabilities of the Anite 9000 network simulator, enabling existing users to easily and cost-effectively access the new PTRCB data throughput test cases.
Conformance Toolset also offers leading support for LTE FDD protocol conformance testing requirements.
Additionally, operator skill has direct bearing on the level of conformance achieved, as well as ultimate product reliability.
By demanding that our suppliers demonstrate Frameworx Conformance, we not only reduce our procurement and integration costs, we also make sure that gains we've made in operational efficiency and effectiveness are preserved.
The development of conformance tests complemented NBS/NIST participation in the development of industry technical standards, and helped support the implementation and use of these standards.
The job of top management is to establish the culture that encourages attention to quality and that rewards conformance with requirements.
0 conformance program and a major milestone on the path to enabling interoperable IT management solutions in the desktop and mobile space.
Solid conformance to the standard is the foundation on which interoperability is built.
DMTF), the organization bringing the IT industry together to collaborate on systems management standards development, validation, promotion and adoption, today announced it has opened the conformance program for its Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) 1.
The U1901A GS-8800 (PXT) LTE design verification and conformance system provides for complete automated testing of LTE devices with coverage for test cases from Section 6 to Section 9 of the 36.
Members Successfully Complete Validation of 14 Products for Conformance with DMTF Standards

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