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1. a meeting or conference, esp of representatives of a number of sovereign states
2. a national legislative assembly


1. the bicameral federal legislature of the US, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate
2. this body during any two-year term
3. (in India) a major political party, which controlled the Union government from 1947 to 1977



(1) A meeting of the leaders or representatives of countries, territories, or organizations. A congress is also a type of international conference (for example, the Congress of Vienna of 1814–15; the World Peace Congresses; the World Congress for Peace, National Independence, and General Disarmament of 1965; and various scientific congresses).

(2) In some countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and the Philippines, the name of the legislative body or of one of its houses. In the United States the Congress is the highest legislative body; it consists of two houses—the House of Representatives (435 representatives; elected every two years) and the Senate (100 senators, two from each state, elected for a six-year term, with one-third of the members elected every two years). In France the congress is the joint session of both houses of parliament.

(3) The name of some national organizations in a number of countries (for example, the Indian National Congress Party in India).



a meeting of representatives (delegates) of any of various organizations or groups, or of those active in a particular field of endeavor (see, , and ). In several organizations, the congress is the highest body.

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The National Disease Research Interchange is pleased to recognize Congressman Chaka Fattah for his strong, sustained support of federal investment in medical and health research," said Bill Leinweber, NDRI's President and CEO.
If the debate ever does occur,'' Wilk said, ``I'm highly confident the congressman will skewer (Rodriguez) into .
Supporters believe the conditions might be perfect this fall for Daniel Seals to become the 10th Congressional District's first African American congressman.
Before asking DeLay to comment, he told the congressman that he was "saddened" by the announcement.
When the congressman spoke to the magazine in 2000 he admitted he went against his staffs wishes in granting the interview.
Congressman Manzullo's recommendation: Get to know your representatives and solicit their help.
The champion money-taker, according to the report, is Congressman DeLay, who, the report says, received $93,670.
Congressman Vento's bill passed his subcommittee but ran into strong opposition in the full Interior and Insular Affairs Committee.
The ASBL began criticizing Congressman Altmire after he introduced a series of policies that would have forced legitimate small businesses to compete head-to-head against big businesses and venture capital syndicates for federal small business contracts, grants and loans.
16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, Congressman Chaka Fattah (PA-02) announced his public schedule for the week of September 15, 2014.
LANCASTER - Three congressmen, a former congressman who is now a Fox News host, and California's business secretary will be among the speakers at Friday's Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference.
Possibly you heard the story about the citizen who was concerned about the national debt, so he went to see his congressman to urge him to push for balancing the budget.

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