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By means of stereoscopic microscopy, dark, spore-bearing conidiophores were seen extending out of stomata in the necrotic regions.
The conidiophores were branched, straight, Pale brown to olive brown in colour, measuring 25-60 um long and 3-3.
Nature of septate septate hyphae Probable Aspergillus Aspergillus identity flavus niger Isolates 3 4 Colony Brownish White description colony becoming becoming grayish brown darker with ages Morphological Filamentous, filamentous characteristic foot cell, Stolon, rhizoids short Ovoid conidiophores sporangiospores Nature of septate coenocytic hyphae Probable Aspergillus Rhizopus sp.
Conidiophores were light brown with hemispherical vesicles bearing metulae and biseriate philalides on the upper half.
The conidiophores consisted of terminal divaricate verticils and metullae originated from apex of conidiophores in groups of 4-5 bearing phialids arranged in verticils of 4-6.
Needle mounts in lactophenol cotton blue exhibited rough conidiophores with uniseriate and biseriate conidiogenous cells covering the entire vesicle.
Two of these contained conidiophores resembling those of Aspergillus.