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The Conies features a cartoon family based on traffic cones that deliver safety messages through their fun antics and storylines.
Cudzilo conies to Wikoff Color with more than 18 years of inkjet print industry experience.
Counterculture conies full circle: The technological utopia imagined by technogaianism (Knave of Pentacles) contains the seeds of social control; the enforcement of utopian ideals becomes fascist.
Another plan conies together Another masterplan drawn up five months ago was executed successfully for many of racing's movers and shakers, including BHA chairman-elect Steve Harman, when Baltic Knight won the 7f handicap.
The website conies on the heels of the recent rebranding of the trade association, formerly known as the Personal Absorbent Products Council (PAPC), as the Center for Baby and Adult Hygiene Products.
Ghana is a stable country when it conies to politics and attracts a lot of attention, at the moment especially for the oil sector.
We should not allow us to fall back into that mentality when it conies to China.
Perhaps the greatest contribution of this film conies through Previn's observations about his performance philosophies.
Such a low-lying mound, no more than a metre in height, with a ditch encircling it, that held a fence in place to stop its prison of conies escaping.
The American Dream draws many to keep working hard, but it often conies without result.
99) conies from a music historian who surveys the gear, licks and lives of 100 top guitarists in a combination of book and CD, including photos, tabulature, and an audio CD covering all licks in the book.
Black Bean Fiesta combines the protein-rich goodness of black beans, zesty peppers, tomatoes and spices and conies wrapped in a moist whole wheat and flax bun.