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Law the tacit encouragement of or assent to another's wrongdoing, esp (formerly) of the petitioner in a divorce suit to the respondent's adultery



in Soviet criminal law, deliberate failure to prevent the commission of a crime when the possibility of taking steps necessary to stop or prevent the crime existed. A person is criminally liable for connivance only when prevention of the crime is his official or legal duty. In such cases the guilty person is subject to punishment for abuse of authority or official position and failure to help persons in danger or for failure to report a crime, if liability is provided for by law.

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The accused persons, while in connivance with each other, illegally managed to clear 488 old
They said that land grabbers had allegedly grabbed costly land located at Chota Mota, Bara Mota Singh and Baidebian road area with the connivance of ETBP secretary Main Abdul Qadeer, administrative Usman and Tanveer.
Sources further disclosed that secretary Mian Abdul Qadeer had done financial corruption worth million of rupees with connivance of his close ally like Rayysat Iqbal and Khalid Khan.
He said the MNAs and MPAs of PML-N developing constituencies of their choice connivance of the election commission staff.
PML-N's local leaders including Haji Shahjehan, Abdul Rahim Awan and others in a statement on Tuesday said that with the connivance of Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, the faces of conspirators had unveiled.
According to the NAB, the PPP lawmaker and 17 others, in connivance with each other, had caused Rs 5.
Those who in connivance with Accountant General Office Balochistan authorities were granted illegal favour includes the employees from grade one to twenty one.
Hindi yata, maaring 'yung pangalan pero 'yung connivance [male sex organ] niya nandun pa.
The official sources told reporter here on Friday that the district food department received information that the owner of a restaurant and hotel had stocked 600 bags of wheat flour which he got on special subsidized rates in connivance with the black sheep in the department concerned.
As per detail, Ayaz Ali Khan had been found involved in commission of offences, corruption and corrupt practices as he being member of 5th DPC meeting in connivance with other members and beneficiaries knowingly and dishonestly had given undue and illegal price increase to certain drugs in violation of Drug Act and rules/regulations, without asking for relevant current import invoices of the raw material/finished drugs and costing data on prescribed Performa.
Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh, Major General Aziz Ahmed denied all theories of connivance.