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9) Interestingly, Mazzocca and coworkers performed a biomechanical study that elegantly illustrated that the sequence of disruption begins with the AC ligament, followed by the conoid, and finally the trapezoid ligament for cases of complete AC joint dislocation.
Regarded by architectural author Walter Leedy as a 'proto-fan', the tomb canopy of Hugh Lord Despenser (1350) in Tewkesbury Abbey is an early example of the composition of conoid forms and what was to become the geometry of the fan vault.
Not coincidentally, these divinities took the form of pairs of conoid stones (baetyls).
Another famous piece, the Conoid chair, has two legs supported by bladelike feet.
The parasite has a retractable structure called a conoid that makes this dent.
58 appears to be the impression of an older Achaemenian stone conoid or the like.
The coracoclavicular ligaments are the conoid ligament posteromedially and the trapezoid ligament anterolaterally.