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1. Med (of treatment) designed to alleviate symptoms
2. Physics a field of force, system, etc., in which the work done moving a body from one point to another is independent of the path taken between them


in Britain, Canada, and elsewhere
1. of, supporting, or relating to a Conservative Party
2. of, relating to, or characterizing Conservative Judaism
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Third, liveness, boundedness, reversibility and conservativeness of the system can be effectively analysed by making use of the special properties of augmented marked graphs.
In this paper, after a brief review of augmented marked graphs, we investigate the composition of augmented marked graphs via common resource places and specifically show that this composition preserves boundedness and conservativeness whereas liveness and reversibility can be preserved under a pretty simple condition.
consistency, simplicity, comprehensiveness, conservativeness, explanatory unity) a proposal supported by their combination of particular views of epistemology and human cognition--a system of ideas they characterised as naturalistic coherentism (see Evers & Lakomski, 1991, chap.
In these times o f fiscal conservativeness and managed care, questions are being raised as to the cost-benefit of heroic care for VLBW infants.
What I have been trying to do in the novel form has been too much refracted through the conservativeness of reviewers and others; the reasons why I have written in the ways that I have done have become lost, have never reached as many people, nor in anything like a definitive form.
Kooi, (1997) "What really matters: conservativeness or independence"?
Conversely, other cases in which a possible "upside" element is neglected could conversely show excessive conservativeness.
However, this conservativeness was acceptable in our setting given the potentially serious implications of classification of a hospital as an outlier, and it was greatly preferable to the normal approximation's tendency to provide excessively small C.
Indeed, given the content of the journals or the conservativeness of their masters, this trend would not mean too much to our perspective, if it did not introduce the issue of culture/publishing.
One common explanation for the increased conservativeness of bank presidents is that their more indirect political appointment procedure removes them from the political concerns faced by board governors; these political considerations supposedly compel board governors to care about the reelection prospects of the party that appointed them, while the more independent bank presidents have no such concerns.
Except for these minor variations, as found for the Y chromosome in the genus (Bickham 1979), Myotis levis further documents the chromosomal conservativeness characteristic of this genus and most of the Vespertilionidae (Baker & Bickham 1980).

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