consistency index

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relative consistency

Of a soil, the ratio of the liquid limit minus the natural water content to the plasticity index.
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Actually, the consistency index calculated by formula (5) is equal to:
The smaller the consistency index, the better the consistency of the matrix.
The silica-filled system showed a much higher value of the consistency index compared to the carbon black-filled system.
34) with temperature dependent consistency index m given by an Arrhenius expression m = [m.
min]), as no significant difference was observed as a result of varying the flow consistency index, K with n.
Finalists for the Most Improved Quality Award are determined by a year-over-year comparison of key scores within the Doubletree Brand Consistency Index (a measurement of Physical Condition, Cleanliness, and compliance with Brand Standards).
Polymers have a consistency index (m) and a power-law coefficient (n) that describe its general viscosity behavior with respect to changing temperature (T) and shear rate (Y).
Upon evaluating the psychometric properties of the CTS, the following was found: the CTS obtained an internal consistency index in a sample of North Americans of an alpha between .
The consistency index and slope of shear thinning from the Ostwald-de Waele model can be modeled well from the composition data (figure 14).
The consistency index is a measure of how much variation over time there exists in the number of next wave and establishment firms hosted by each city.