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Do not abandon your search for a prominent position in the professional game," the chairman urged consolingly.
Thus, the background of the title miniature, in the right foreground of which a man consolingly embraces a sadly bowed woman, is filled by a river lined by medieval-looking buildings on either side, which are reminiscent of those in Burne-Jones's Mill of 1870-82 (Victoria and Albert Museum) and Le chant d'amour of 1868-73 (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).
There is an austerity to Matthew's account of Jesus' birth that, despite all the angelic intervention, I find consolingly human, an almost dutiful retelling of duty.
A surprising physical tenderness toward the dead Savior, who is gently enclosed and touched consolingly by his mother and weeping followers, pervades the painting, and such nuanced gestures as one of the Marys caressing Christ's head at the point where it was crowned by thorns, reiterate the notion of sorrow grounded in loss.
You can't think like a genius all the time," said Pang consolingly.