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Patagonia, a region with consistently strong and constant wind resources, is sparsely populated and far from large cities.
AWES are second generation wind turbines that use the stronger and more constant wind at altitudes between 100 and 600 meters.
Fifteen locations in Macedonia are favorable for construction of windmill parks, having powerful and constant wind for production of electric energy, as confirmed in the study prepared according to satellite recordings of "AVStruvind 37".
Both bird species take advantage of perfect perches on the rocks and ridges sculpted by the area's constant wind to nest, hunt, and raise their families.
The UN head described the facility as "very impressive" and noted just how "lucky" Nicaragua was to have such a "vast potential of renewable energy resources-solar, wind, you have very strong, constant wind, and geothermal and hydro.
He adjusted to the constant wind and rain by finding four receivers on his TD tosses.
Sand everywhere, formed into fine patterns again and again by the constant wind.
It was constant wind and rain but we managed to finish, and raised PS4,000.
English researchers are also pleading with the Government to increase the number of wind farms in the West as the potential of natural energy is enormous from the constant wind and waves.
It was one of the worst games I've experienced in terms of constant wind and rain.

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