construction inspector

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project representative

The architect’s representative at the project site who assists in the administration of the construction contract; when authorized by the owner, a full-time project representative may be employed.
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HSE principal construction inspector Anna Bliss said: "Tragically, on average, one construction worker is killed every week in the UK.
HSE construction inspector Nic Rigby said: "Steven Burke's death.
Gregg Mohler, construction inspector for the engineering division of Fort Benning's Directorate of Public Works, said the safest and most cost-effective way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate their breeding sites.
HSE construction inspector Bruno Porter said, "We have enormous sympathy for Mr and Mrs Crimmins, who have had to wait a very long time indeed for the case to proceed.
The HSE's principal construction inspector in the North-east, Bill McKay, said that of the 3,500 asbestos-related cancer deaths each year in the UK, building trades account for a large number.
By far the worst job I ever had was as a highway construction inspector for the then Department of Highways.
This article describes two possible assignments--that of project engineer and construction inspector.
Executive chief construction inspector Kevin Myers said: 'This level of fatalities is shocking and clearly unacceptable.
This article was written by Ron Anderson, a communications specialist with Reliant Energy Entex in Houston with technical assistance from the following employees of Reliant Energy Entex: Jeff Bish, Houston Division Operations Manager, Tal Centers, Houston Division Chief Engineer, Charles Dolezel, Senior Engineer, and, Marvin Schedule, Construction Inspector.
Wrexham-based HSE construction inspector Chris Wilcox said: "One construction site I visited in Flint had people working up to seven metres high on a metal roof to an industrial unit carrying out repairs to the roof and to fragile plastic skylights.
Mr Collins, 61, a construction inspector from Knotty Ash, suffered a broken right leg in the smash and bruised kidneys, while Mrs Collins, 63, broke her nose.
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