contact adhesive

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contact adhesive, contact-bond adhesive, dry-bond adhesive

An adhesive that is apparently dry to the touch and adheres instantaneously upon contact.
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Kraton Polymers LLC (Kraton), a leading global producer of engineered polymers, has introduced a series of new formulations designed to support lower Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) requirements and reduce costs associated with contact adhesives.
Meanwhile, when bonding foam, heat-applied products can melt foams, while a solvent-based contact adhesive may contain chemicals which can dissolve or damage the foam.
New Formulating Solutions Offers Lower VOC's and Cost Savings for Contact Adhesives
However, there is no special regulation explicitly covering food contact adhesives.
Paper 13 Influence of pH and Viscosity on Performance of New Reactive 1 Component CR - latex Contact Adhesive Formualations - Dr Dirk Achten, Bayer MaterialSciences, AG, Germany
Mastercraft Industries agreed to a $90,500 fine for allegedly failing to limit hexane and toluene content in the contact adhesive materials used at its Rice Lake, WI, factory.
TACC, a division of Illinois Tool Works, introduces two-part Conbond 217 A/B, a quick-grab contact adhesive with no VOCs and no HAPS.
LW H20 is a water based contact adhesive with a VOC level reported to be less than 20 grams per liter.
King Arthur uses four National Starch adhesives: Panelmaster 40-8007 waterborne contact adhesive for its dance floors and carpeted platforms; Kwik-Klamp 40-0562, a single-component PVA for cold pressing; Instaweld 34-3195 hot melt for edgebanding; and Instaweld 34-2631 hot melt for carton sealing.
The spray booths and drying tunnels were developed jointly by Binks and Infratech, which manufacture the equipment, and 3M, which manufactures the Fastbond contact adhesive used in Sani-Top's production process.
Hybond 16 WB adhesives from Pratt & Lambert are a spray grade water-base contact adhesive that feature an average dry time of 12 minutes and come in 5-gal pails and 50-gal fiber drums.