contemporary history

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contemporary history

the study of contemporary events (i.e. events within living memory) using historical methods, including traditional methods such as documentary analysis as well as newer approaches such as ORAL HISTORY (see also HISTORY). Although the idea of contemporary history may appear paradoxical, and it faces difficulties such as prohibitions in the availability of key documents, contemporary history is a valid and scarcely new approach, in that historians have always studied the recent past.

Contemporary History


according to the periodization of world history accepted by Marxist historiography, the period beginning with the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

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These revolutions are momentous events of contemporary history of Kyrgyzstan, according to him.
Summary: Was the painter creator Pope Jean unique phenomenon and radiant in the art scene of the Kurdish and Iraqi alike, where according to the artist's subtle and throughout his career creative, which lasted for more than five decades in the completion of many of the paintings and drawings impressive won and still gain a lot of admiration and flattery and awarded the owner stature decent Painters alongside Iraqis and Kurds excellence in our contemporary history.
aThose four events in our contemporary history affected the positive outlook and the hopes of the Bulgarians after the fall of the Zhan Videnov government in the end of 1996,a Parvan Simeonov, head of Gallup International said.
Optimism in Politics: Reflections on Contemporary History offers a new collection by a political science and history commentator: this one surveying some fifty years of political insight.
In the speech, he stressed that the Kingdom condemns and deplores in the strongest terms the barbarian military campaign carried out by the Israeli occupation army as well as its crimes that have not taken place in the contemporary history, against the fundamental rights of Palestinian women, children and the elderly and against the Palestinians' right life freely without occupation, siege or a waste of blood.
The Sovereign expresses deep sadness for the death of the former Georgian president and re-collects with esteem the late president's qualities and political experience that made of him a great Statesman with marks on the contemporary history of his country which he served with loyalty and self-denial.
Such victory, which denotes a turning point in Lebanon's contemporary history, heralds more victories and achievements on the path of struggle against the Zionist occupier," added Zarif.
Here, the series a wide range of topics from contemporary history, politics, economy, society, environment, education and culture.
Community Partnership Day is an opportunity to celebrate this bright point in the contemporary history of Bahrain," he said.
The third updated edition of THE TWO KOREAS: A CONTEMPORARY HISTORY has been extensively revised and updated to bring events to the present day, considering changes in social and cultural environments, the latest conflicts within the two Koreas, and new information on the North Korean political succession and U.
Very few in the contemporary history can match the stature and acumen of Mr.
PPP Patron-In-Chief pointed that his party has offered sacrifices for democracy much more than many independence movements in the contemporary history because it believes that collective wisdom of the masses can pluck the societies ridden with political, social and economic problems towards peace, prosperity and justice.

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