context-sensitive menu

context-sensitive menu

(operating system)
A menu which appears in response to a user action (typically a mouse click) and whose contents are determined by which application window was clicked or has the input focus.

Most GUIs use a secondary mouse button (right or middle) to call up a context-sensitive menu as the primary mouse button is normally used to interact with objects which are already visible.

The context-sensitive menu often contains functions that are also available in a menu bar but the context-sensitive menu provides quick access to a subset of functions that are particularly relevant to the window area clicked on.

The RISC OS WIMP uses only context-sensitive menus (always invoked using the middle mouse button). This saves screen space and reduces mouse movement compared to a menu bar.
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They include pressing F1 for Help, right-clicking for a context-sensitive menu, double-clicking for the Property Sheet, and dropdown menus for options.
These optional pushbuttons align with fluctuating text and graphics onscreen to support context-sensitive menu functions such as Lighting presets, channels, or digital media flees.
Clicking the right-hand button of the mouse when the cursor is on a screen object often displays either a context-sensitive menu or a brief description of the object.
As you are learning to work in Access, you'll find using a right-click to show a context-sensitive menu will come in very handy.
When in mouse mode, the left button of the Cordless Presenter serves as the select function, and the right button brings up the context-sensitive menu.
The context-sensitive menu accessed by right-clicking and the real-time feedback from the cursor means that the engineers' eyes rarely have to leave the drawing window.
When integrated, NavisAccess provides context-sensitive menu items that launch into NavisConnect.
In Maple 16, Drag-to-Solve[TM] and Smart Popups join palettes, interactive assistants, context-sensitive menus, tutors, and other Clickable Math tools that provide a point-and-click interface for solving, visualizing, and exploring mathematical problems.
Context-sensitive menus provide access to the features you need, when you need them.
Users can configure personal preferences and menu options, and we offer smart context-sensitive menus as well.
Users will also benefit from a better feedback mechanism for faster interpretation and interaction with results, priority-based rendering of visual indicators lets users set ranking, context-sensitive menus expanded charting images, simplified user-profile editing from BAM Desktop and a powerful periodic time filter/query interface in the EventFinder to improve overall user efficiency and identify unobvious performance trends.

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