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Contiguously, a chronic shortage of relief (substitute) teachers makes staffing arrangements in many schools fragile and hinders opportunities for off-site professional development.
7 percent in West Virginia; (2) the number of acres under open permit became more geographically concentrated; (3) the length of time that permits were open varied from less than a year to more than 18 years; (4) in West Virginia, 28 contiguously permitted areas contained nearly half of the permitted acres, as of July 2008.
There was available space, for instance, on One Liberty's 52nd floor that would have allowed Arch to expand contiguously, a convenience that companies seek when they can in order to facilitate the connectivity of their operations.
Rezoning this parcel would create a contiguously zoned area.
The more fragments on the drive the less likely it will be that a large file can be written contiguously.
On a couple of occasions these interruptions are provided by local fauna--"All the khan sleeps, save two cats, which indulge in festive bouncings, and save a sleepless donkey, which rolls too contiguously to my head" (Lear, p.
This textbook, with its four broad chronological divisions, allows students to grapple with the artistic complexities of each Roman monument and period by presenting the contiguously diverse stylistic currents engaged in throughout Rome's vast territories.
Regardless, moose began to increase in number in the early 1900s, and their distribution spread contiguously across central British Columbia.
Our plan from the beginning was to try and create a national footprint, but it was important for us to grow slowly and contiguously," said David Trone.
Most species are contiguously allopatric and actively partition common habitat areas (Heller 1971).
By procedures such as conditional discriminations or sensory preconditioning, any verbal form may acquire the function of another stimulus given repeated trials in which both are presented contiguously.