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1. Logic (of a proposition) true under certain conditions, false under others; not necessary
2. Metaphysics (of some being) existing only as a matter of fact; not necessarily existing





(1) The sum total of people forming a group or category that is homogeneous in some respect: for instance, the collective of workers of a plant, office employees of an institution, students of a school, or personnel of a military unit.

(2) A norm set for some specific purpose, the maximum number: for instance, the contingent of admission to a higher educational institution.

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De Mistura hailed the diverse achievements by the Italian contingent, commending the significant ties which the Italian soldiers secured with the area population.
446-3(g)(6)(ii) would disallow the wait--and--see method and require taxpayers to spread contingent nonperiodic payments over an NPC's term under a new "noncontingent swap method.
Given the court's decision it is highly unlikely any taxpayer will succeed in deducting a contingent liability payment that is part of an asset acquisition.
Instead, many insureds appear to rely solely on their property insurance coverage for protection--a shortsighted approach, considering that most contingent business-interruption policies provide very limited or no coverage for lost customers.
According to the protesters, around 5,000 contingent employees have been serving in the region for many years at nominal salaries
During their stint in Haiti, the contingent provided administrative, security and clerical services, transport, VIP security and perimeter defense.
After completing the demanding 160 kilometres, members of the CAF contingent who completed the Four Day Marches Nijmegen were awarded the Four Day Marches Cross by Brigadier-General Cotten.
The contingent celebrated at its dispensary in the Tyre village of Borghlieh, where patient No.
SOA as Chef De Mission of Sindh Contingent for the games.
Contingent workers constituted a relatively constant proportion of the total workforce from 1995 through 2005 and had diverse characteristics.
Aon, the second-largest national broker, brought in new leadership and stopped accepting contingent commissions in late 2004.

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