continuous hinge

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continuous hinge, piano hinge

A hinge having the same length as the moving part to which it is applied.
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Often known as piano hinges, the traditional style continuous hinge may be fitted by welding, riveting or screwing to the frame and door for self-aligning operation.
To reduce wear and tear to the frame and door, Markar's continuous hinges distribute shock forces applied to doors and are suited for use in entrances of highly trafficked buildings where strength, security, dependability and durability are requirements.
Tenders are invited for RIM Exit Device, Von Duprin CD98EO-626; Exit Trim, Von Duprin 996L-17-626-RH; Exit Trim, Von Duprin 996L-17-626-LH; RIM Cylinder, Schlage 20-057-C000000-626; Mortise Cylinder, Schlage 20-061-C000000-626; Mullion Kit, Von Duprin KR4954; Continuous Hinge, Hagar HAG780-157-HDCL; etc.
Listed among Markar's innovations are the first continuous pin and barrel hinge line and the first adjustable continuous hinge and edge guard.
Dimensions 36"x30"x12" NEMA type 12/3R 304; Aluminum dead front door installed and blank epoxy coated white back plane; Continuous hinge, three (3) point latch, door stop, and door hatch.
080 type 3003 H-14 (ASTM B 209 spec) aluminum, has a 4 flush mounted stainless steel cage light that is operated from the drivers control panel, and a Clear-View polycarbonate cage door, with a continuous hinge and three point stainless steel slam latch system.
Door should be hung on full mortise continuous hinge.
Doors are mounted on continuous hinges and sealed with a seamless poured-in-place gasket.
Heavy duty continuous hinges attach the doors, which seal to the body with a gasket.
Continuous hinges, sometimes referred to as piano hinges, are the preferred option in behavioral health units because their continuous, top-to-bottom design allows for normal door operation yet prevents looping or attachment of ligatures.

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