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The influence of the presence of a porogen in the continuous phase was mainly investigated by SEM.
The high drug entrapment efficiency of microspheres can be attributed to the employment of oil in both cases as the continuous phase in preparing the emulsion.
The improvement in tensile strength >20 wt% of small particles for the FS blends was attained through the connectivity of small particles at fractions large enough to form a continuous phase surrounding each of the large particles ([V.
The cure temperature used for the plot in Figure 13 is still below the Tg of the continuous phase of the film.
Upon mixing, all blends become opaque and the identity of the continuous phase is not readily apparent.
Continuous Phase Modulation-Part II: Partial Response Signaling.
All of the models outlined in the book agree with the known results of DNS and LES of the continuous phase combined with Lagrangian trajectory simulation of the disperse phase.
4, the rate of flocculation is governed by diffusion-limited aggregation kinetics (DLA) wherein the rate of flocculation is proportional to the number of particles per unit volume and inversely proportional to the viscosity of the continuous phase.
The top of the photo shows the oil continuous phase with a number of water droplets of various sizes ranging from 1 to 10 ?
The reason that some optimum level of solution resin needs to be present in the continuous phase is because the polymer molecules act like "spacers" to keep the pigment particles apart.
They are obtained from compositions comprised of carboxy-functional (meth)acrylic copolymers and/or polyesters, acid value 15-300, and epoxy-functional crosslinking agents dispersed or dissolved in continuous phase as specified, with usual additives, and optionally, polymeric polyols, other crosslinking agents and monoepoxide compounds.

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