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Nearly continuous string of high-profile data breaches: IDC forecasts that 90 percent of all IT networks will have an IoT-based security breach within the next two years.
One of the biggest challenges facing ForeScout is hiring enough talented people to sustain its rapid growth and address the nearly continuous string of high-profile data breaches.
The Kenics heat exchanger consists of a continuous string of static mixer elements within each heat exchanger tube.
Mohammed Vakil, winner of 'Sa Re Ga Ma', a musical reality show on Indian television also enthralled audience with a continuous string of melodious ghazals.
Solidarity is aiming to have a continuous string of regular fundraising events to ensure there is some sort of a cash flow which can be used to buy food.
It was the seventh straight month of increases, extending the longest continuous string of gains since prices were boosted by the homebuyer tax credit in 2009 and 2010.
Against the background of commercial endeavour as reflected, for instance in the Windhoek Show, the business sector at large, is beset by a spate of unresolved labour crises, fuelled in no small measure by the continuous string of nasty, high profile strikes in neighbouring South Africa.
Ordinarily, the pipe sections would all be welded together and the continuous string would be pulled back as one piece through the bore hole.
Zarghami, who formerly served on the board of the Children's Museum of Manhattan, has managed a continuous string of hits at Nickelodeon, including taking SpongeBob SquarePants to new heights, making The Fairly OddParents Nick's newest hit, and building Dora the Explorer into the number-one preschool program in commercial television.
Built in 1794, it has since housed a continuous string of drinking establishments.
But today PVC pipe also is routinely placed underground by trenchless methods, sections of pipe firmly locked together with restrained joints or fused into a continuous string to be pulled into place by horizontal directional drilling or pipebursting equipment.
This man's career is one continuous string of juvenile, self-obsessed, psychobabble.

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