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The continuous variables are used for continuous optimization, while the discrete binary variables are used for discrete decision optimization.
To test for bivariate correlation of continuous variables to MR-proADM concentrations, we used Spearman correlation coefficient.
A first multivariate analysis assessed associations between employment changes and infant birth weight as a continuous variable, taking into account other factors possibly influencing birth weight (maternal age, race and prepregnancy weight; alcohol use and smoking during pregnancy; and infant sex).
One caveat is that even a detailed decomposition with a continuous variable is not immune to the identification problem.
One method of reducing the number of boards required in the experiment is to use a continuous variable (e.
The odds ratios can be read as favoring the model for each unit increase in the continuous variable.
In some studies delay has been considered a continuous variable (usually in days) without an explicit cut-off point between participants considered as "delayers" or "nondelayers.
2%, indicating that the introduction of job size as a continuous variable in the models improved the explanatory power of the linear regression.
A continuous variable has 'standard' numerical properties, and they allow the most powerful imputation methods to be used.
and 8 = 50 and over); sex (1 = male; 2 = female); marital status (1 = married; 2 = single; 3 = divorced; 4 = separated; and 5 widowed); and, number of children (measured as a continuous variable.
Theoretically L takes only discrete values, but in practice L can be considered as a continuous variable.
The models also include indicators for missing values of the continuous variables, in which case the continuous variable is set to zero for that observation.

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