continuous wave radar

continuous wave radar (CW radar)

continuous wave radar (CW radar)click for a larger image
A radar that radiates continuously. Such a radar has two aerials—one for radiation of electromagnetic energy and one for its reception. For range measurement, the transmitted carrier is progressively frequency modulated, and the received frequency is then compared with the transmitted frequency. A CW radar is ideal for short-range work and can work from the zero range onward. Most continuous wave radars are Doppler radars.
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Imec s continuous wave radar transmitter operates in the 79 GHz band.
After a section on basic continuous wave radar theory, he explains how the theory is used in the design of an actual radar example, and then discusses the theory and design of a more complex multifrequency continuous wave radar.
The Skyguard launcher fires Sparrow missiles from a ground-based platform and contains a continuous wave radar to illuminate and track the target.

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