contract period

contract time

The period of time stipulated in the construction contract for the substantial completion of the work.
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The holder commits to a maximum amount represented by 200% of the premises appraised at its offer for the full contract period.
RAWALPINDI -- Non regularization of their services even after expiry of 3 years contract period has caused embarrassment among 5200 teachers of district Rawalpindi.
The contract period is 455 days, plus a subsequent 400 day maintenance programme.
The Kent player, who has now played six one-day internationals and four Twenty20s during the required contract period, reached the target in England's T20 defeat by West Indies last week.
The labour contract has a term that states that the company should pay the engineer the salary for the rest of the contract period (three years) in case his service is terminated," said Bin Deemas.
As a special welcome offer, STRATO will charge on-line shop owners 50% of the monthly fee during the first half of their contract period.
This will help determine whether the benefits of the asset for amortization purposes will continue beyond the contract period.
Paramedical workers will move up to the industry standard for the contract period.
Contract Period for Task and Delivery Order Contracts (DFARS Case 2003-D097)
The estimated level of effort for the base contract period is 339,360 man-hours.
The contractor will be a primary source for the agency's office automation needs during the contract period.
All the agreements to subscribe are now binding, except for a cancellation provision up until the expiration of 28 days after the installation of the first base station network together with delivery of working handsets (the beginning of the Contract Period as defined below), unless previously waived.