contractor's proposal

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1. An offer to perform the work described in a contract at a specified cost.
2. A complete and properly signed proposal to do the work, 1 or designated portion thereof for the sums stipulated therein, supported by data called for by the bidding requirements.
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While evaluation of the contractor's proposal is important, this review can provide only a prediction of what may happen and a description of how the contractor plans to perform.
By using a maintenance agreement form, the contractor's proposal becomes the maintenance agreement, specifying the required contact provisions.
In 21 of them the contractor's proposal was within 5% of EPA's estimated labor hours.
The government SOO is not made part of the contract per the Federal Acquisition Regulation, so it is essential that each contractor's proposal SOW adequately describes the solution and/or all of the work to be performed.
230) a contractor's proposal to provide educational services had the following notation on the bottom of each page: "All items under [the Schedule] are offered as an inseparable whole and cannot be divided in any way.
EGIA also reviews each contractor's proposal to be sure the improvements meet federal energy efficiency and renewable energy standards.
Acquisitions organizations across the Defense Department need well-trained employees with the appropriate technical skills to find opportunities for reducing costs within a contractor's proposal.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires that each contractor's proposal be analyzed in order to assure that the price being paid by the government for goods or services is fair and reasonable.
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