contractor's estimate

contractor’s estimate

1. A forecast of construction cost, as opposed to a firm proposal, prepared by a contractor for a project or a portion thereof.
2. A term sometimes used to denote a contractor’s application or request for a progress payment. Also see application for payment.
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The statistics chart shows the range for each contractor's estimate with the cost factor inputs.
The manager is a different person than the estimator who pares the contractor's estimate.
calculated its proposal; the government also calculated the proper, or non-negligent, estimate of roadwheels differently and lower than the contractor's estimate.
The temporary changes allow mortgage servicers to immediately release insurance funds up to $20,000, as long as the borrower has a contractor's estimate for the repairs, and is current, and has a good mortgage payment record.
Note (4): Based in part on demolition contractor's estimate of percentage (30 percent) of total available project bricks that might be recoverable/salvageable.
Transtech's manufacturing process is disrupted at unpredictable intervals by (1) difficulty in obtaining quality urethane and other materials, (2) the nonautomated nature of Transtech's production process, and (3) Transtech's dependence on the accuracy of the glazing contractor's estimate, or "take-off.
Your claims adjuster will determine the scope of the damage, which can help you determine if a contractor's estimate is reasonable.
Similarly, for labor assessments, the technical evaluator should evaluate the types, quantities, and skill mixes of labor hours proposed by the contractor, and provide a detailed estimate of the necessary labor hours and mix, as well as the rationale for differences with the contractor's estimate to accomplish the proposed work.
It's odd but we have seen the building contractor's estimate to be the same or more than the amount of the insurance settlement, once the contractor knows your settlement.
Vincent de Paul balked at the hefty outlay, especially since the contractor's estimate had been in the $10,000 range, said project manager Amanda Saul.
The Simons obtained a $3,900 estimate from a contractor to repair the damage but allegedly altered the contractor's estimate by $2,000 by submitting a $5,900 estimate with their claim.
The potential contractor's estimates for doing the job are expected to be submitted to the city within a week, and the issue will be settled by the end of the month by Acting City Manager Jim Carlson.

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