contractor's proposal

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1. An offer to perform the work described in a contract at a specified cost.
2. A complete and properly signed proposal to do the work, 1 or designated portion thereof for the sums stipulated therein, supported by data called for by the bidding requirements.
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During the source selection process, the DoD evaluates a contractor's proposal, which consists of cost, technical, and past performance volumes.
By using a maintenance agreement form, the contractor's proposal becomes the maintenance agreement, specifying the required contact provisions.
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires that each contractor's proposal be analyzed in order to assure that the price being paid by the government for goods or services is fair and reasonable.
1) CLIN [Contract Line Item Number] structure inconsistent with contractors' shipping [and] billing methods; (2) Unit pricing by lot when contractor[s] could deliver separately priced items as partial shipments; and (3) Requirement description by reference to the contractor's proposal when receiving, accepting and paying activities may not have that information.
A contractor's proposal is subject to disclosure only if it is included in the contract or incorporated by reference into the contract.
Some contractors will not show exclusions or clarifications in their bids and this can lead to owners assuming items were in the contractor's proposal that were really not included.
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