control gap

control joint

control joint
A groove which is formed, sawed, or tooled in a concrete or masonry structure to regulate the location and amount of cracking and separation resulting from the dimensional change of different parts of the structure, thereby avoiding the development of high stresses.
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Back in 2011, Stratecast noted the visibility and control gap that organizations would encounter in the use of cloud services.
VIA is focused on helping manufacturers close this change control gap between the IT service management process and the ability to understand and enforce actual changes to the infrastructure with Solidcore's S3 Control software.
Release of New Manufacturing Execution Solution Closes Traditional Visibility and Control Gap Between Shop Floor and Related Supply Chain Functions -
Nashco will leverage Solidcore's S3 Control software to help its customers close this change control gap between the change management process and the ability to understand and enforce actual changes to the infrastructure.
Solidcore S3 Control software improves IT service availability by closing the change control gap between IT service management and the IT infrastructure.
Links IT Service Management with Infrastructure to Close Change Control Gap
According to Michael Jude, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates: "The big challenge in managing enterprise telephony systems is twofold: controlling telecom toll charges and extending the lifespan and productivity of existing systems, while closing the control gap that blocks visibility and unified management of remote and disparate systems users.
WHAT Web Seminar: Closing the Change Control Gap Attendees will learn how to successfully accomplish the following: -- Leverage the IBM ITSM model to achieve enforceable change control -- Track every change on Windows, UNIX, or Linux servers in real-time -- Link changes with approved change requests automatically -- Enforce change policy on the server by stopping unauthorized changes WHEN/WHERE March 8, 2006 - 2:00 pm Eastern / 11:00 am Pacific online HOW
Other advancements in audio capabilities include gap editing so that the user can control gap length between songs, and on-the-fly audio recording that lets the user quickly create a personalized audio CD directly from the source CD, thus eliminating the need to transfer songs to hard disk prior to burning the CD.
The TTOE was developed to close the movement control gap, which was an unintended side effect of the Army's transformation to a modular force.
A doctrinal or organizational modification cannot completely alleviate the span of control gap, particularly with the modular engineer force requirements.
Part of this stream is to make sure that, if we identify a control gap, management has an action plan in place to address that gap quickly and reduce the risk to what management believes is an acceptable level.