control signal

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control signal

[kən′trōl ‚sig·nəl]
(computer science)
A set of pulses used to identify the channels to be followed by transferred data.
(control systems)
The signal applied to the device that makes corrective changes in a controlled process or machine.

Control Signal


a signal applied to a controlled object from a setting device or automatic controller and affecting the controlled variable of the object.

In some automatic control systems, control signals are altered to make the controlled variable correspond to the desired value (as in servomechanisms, stabilization systems, and programmed control) or achieve some optimum or extreme value (as in optimal control systems and self-aligning systems). In other automatic control systems, the control signal depends on the control law and is determined by the characteristics of the controlled object and the nature of commands and disturbances acting on the automatic control system.

Control signals may be applied in single-capacity or multiple-capacity systems. In the latter, each control signal may influence one or several controlled variables, which makes controlling the object more difficult. Thus, one of the most important problems to be solved in the design of automatic control systems is the lessening or elimination of the effect of the control signal on all but the desired controlled variable.

control signal

A pulse or frequency of electricity or light that represents a control command as it travels over a network, a computer channel or wireless. In the data communications world, control signals typically travel the same path as the data either as separate packets or contained within the data packets. In the traditional telephone communications world, control signals are sent over a separate network (see SS7). Contrast with data signal. See signal and signaling.
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Control signals to operate the pan-tilt-zoom functions are transmitted from the control station to the receiver/driver at the camera station.
When the mobile PC detects a change in its power source from battery to wall sockets, the ASIC provides the appropriate control signals to increase the processor speed and voltage levels maximum performance.
These PROMs contain the 12-bit control signals that drive the I and Q channels of the vector modulator for each of the 512 possible digital input words.
These control signals shift the orientation of liquid-crystal molecules in selected regions to alter the film's optical characteristics and create patterns of light and dark on the display.
Supporting speeds of up to 4 Mbps, the ultra-slim ASDL-3023 is a high-performance FIR transceiver capable of transmitting remote control signals over 8 meters and has an exclusive power saving feature that allows design engineers to achieve superior power consumption with no compromise in performance.
Fast responding quartz lamps heat up and cool down instantly in response to power control signals.
These gather sensory data, interpret this data and send control signals back to actuators.