controlled flight into terrain

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controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)

An occurrence in which an aircraft, under the control of the crew, is flown into terrain, water, or an obstacle with no prior awareness on the part of the crew of the impending disaster.
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Aviation pioneer's technology reduced Controlled Flight Into Terrain accidents from about one in every 3 million flights to less than one in every 20 million flights
The procedures also will eliminate non-precision approaches and reduce the risk associated with controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) near the airport.
The rapid acceptance of GPWS by the commercial air transport industry resulted in a precipitous drop in Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents.
announced today that the companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that lays the ground work for the marketing and support of a ground collision avoidance system (GCAS) that actually predicts controlled flight into terrain (CFIT).
As a result of EGPWS, the risk of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) is now 50 times less in Western Europe and North America than it was in 1991," Daly said.
The system performed well on all flights and demonstrated the benefits of the audible alerts in providing pilots the reaction time necessary to avoid Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents.
Utilization of the system directly addresses the three major flight safety concerns today: controlled flight into terrain (CFIT); approach and landing accidents; and runway incursions.
Announced at last year's NBAA, the BEVS will reduce the risk of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT), runway incursions at night or during low visibility conditions, and increase overall depth perception in difficult operating conditions and/or at unfamiliar airports.
GPWS prevents the incidence of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents, which generally involve highly trained pilots who inadvertently fly into the ground or water in a moment of fatigue or disorientation.
Reducing or eliminating controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and runway incursion accidents is possible with a cost-effective, light weight, see-through display," said Gary Peterson, director of customer development for Microvision.
T2CAS can be applied to any aircraft to avoid Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) and give operators time to clear the hazard with plenty of margin.

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