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Tenders are invited for work includes approx 500 tn disposal of sediments; 1 ls environmental health and safety; 5,500 cm controlled material handling; 45 tn environmental work solidification; 1 ls clearing and grubbing; 9,250 cm channel excavation-earth; 9,010 tn disposal of controlled materials; 210 cm management of reusable controlled material; 100 lm cut conc pavement; 100 sm removal of conc pavement; 100 lm removal of conc curb; 450 cm structure excavation; 125 lm cofferdam and dewatering; 1 ls handling contaminated groundwater; 150 cm trench excavation; 1,500 cm trench excavation.
Sony requires all vendors to ensure products supplied to Sony do not contain banned and controlled materials.
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