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Escondida, Chile's largest privately controlled mine, has spent $1 million on Wi-Fi in the last three years.
African drinking traditions also evolved over time reflecting class and generational conflict over who controlled mine workers' incomes (Patrick McAllister).
Afghan: Two Afghan policewomen and a civilian were killed Thursday when a remote controlled mine blew up the vehicle taking them to work at an airport in the west of the country, officials said.
The statement added a remote controlled mine was seized and defused in Shahi Khel area of Aibak city in Samangan province.
KABUL, GARDIZ (PAN): Three police perished in Wazi Zadran district of southeastern Paktia province by a remote controlled mine.
PUL-I-ALAM (PAN): Two persons including a tribal elder were killed by a remote controlled mine in Muhammad Agha district of central Logar province.
China's remotely controlled mines, such as the EM-53 bottom influence mine, can be deployed and deactivated by acoustic codes to allow the safe passage of friendly vessels through a mined area and then reactivated to attack adversary ships and submarines.
The term "conflict minerals" refers to the minerals that come from illegally controlled mines in the eastern part of the DRC and adjoining countries.
Coming primarily from America and Britain, they controlled mines in Africa, South America and Australia as well as the Western United States and Canada.
Utilise 30 different types of weapons, including the latest in handguns, assault and automatic rifles, grenade launchers, laser designators, explosives, remote controlled mines and nightvision equipment.
69 million tonnes by the country's main mining companies; 42 per cent from the state-owned Codelco controlled mines and 58 per cent from the private sector.
One tank and an armored vehicle which set off from the Lice Brigade Wednesday morning was attacked with remotely controlled mines.

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