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The controller-free interface for the Xbox 360. Announced as Project Natal in 2009 and introduced in November 2010, the Kinect option opens a new world of interaction with the Xbox. It uses a sensor device with motion, face and speech recognition that is placed under the monitor and connected to the Xbox. Players interact by speaking and using hand and body motions. Like Nintendo's popular Wii, people use their body to interact with the game.

Video Kinect (Video Calling)
Video Kinect lets people start up a video call to Windows Live and other Xbox users while sitting in their living rooms. Photo sharing and collaborative applications enhance the video calling session. See Xbox.

Kinect for Windows
After its debut for the Xbox, hackers began to experiment with Kinect for non-gaming purposes. Recognizing the interest and enthusiasm for using Kinect to interact with a computer in new ways, Microsoft introduced the Kinect software development kit for Windows in 2011. It lets developers create apps with Kinect's skeletal tracking and speech recognition features. See Windows Mixed Reality.

Just Steer
With Kinect, players use their hands and body to interact with the game. There are no wired or wireless, handheld controllers. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)
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The active video gaming session took place with a 40-inch television and the Xbox 360 Kinect, a controller-free gaming system that incorporates the whole body in the game through motion sensors and skeletal tracking.
Kids can play alone, with each other, or with Morn or Dad in this controller-free gaming experience exclusively for use on Xbox Kinect.
29% decline in its sales revenue of NT$176 million for the same month, mainly because the company's shipment of lens modules used in Microsoft's controller-free gaming device, Kinect, failed to surge as strongly as expected.
Professor Andrew Blake FREng FRS, Mat Cook, Dr Andrew Fitzgibbon, Toby Sharp, and Dr Jamie Shotton have won the MacRobert award for their work on Kinect for Xbox 360, allowing controller-free gaming and opening up a whole new future for human interaction with computers.
Once Upon A Monster" features co-op game play so kids can play alone, with each other or with Mom or Dad in this controller-free gaming experience only on Kinect.
One of Microsoft's products that has been key in driving sales in the region is the Kinect for Xbox 360, the controller-free gaming system.
Launch of Kinect-- EA showcased the controller-free gaming and entertainment experience in the form of Kinect for Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform and announced that the sports games that will release later this year will support Kinect along with voice recognition for Mass Effect 3.
Microsoft is launching its Xbox Kinect controller-free gaming sensor in the UAE on November 10 in a move aimed at widening video gaming's reach to non-traditional players and getting families in on the act.
The highly anticipated controller-free gaming system - Kinect for Xbox 360 -- will be unveiled to the public in addition to Windows Phone 7, touchscreen and sensor based technologies, and the latest PC devices and prototypes running the Microsoft Windows platform.
opened the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles with an Xbox 360 briefing that included visionary filmmaker Steven Spielberg introducing "Project Natal" and controller-free gaming.
GameStop stores nationwide are receiving shipments of the must-have Kinect, Microsoft's controller-free gaming sensor for Xbox 360, this week and next - just in time for your holiday shopping.
the globally leading supplier of notebook PC camera lens, has garnered orders from Motorola for 5-megapixel smartphone camera lens, in addition to supplying lenses for Kinect, a controller-free gaming device.

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