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that the Share Conversion Instruction for Certificated Shareholdings
Please refer to the conversion instruction "Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic within 3~10 Seconds" on the Dynamic Disk website.
To be valid, the Share Conversion Instruction for Certificated
December 2010 or receipt of the Share Conversion Instruction for
They will receive an email with refund and conversion instructions.
Paul Twyneham & Co, who deserve an industry award for their informative sales particulars, do a pretty good job describing two new barn conversion instructions.
The first QCP asked for the conversion instructions.
Conversion instructions will be sent to all depositary shareholders shortly.
Since all of the Preferred Securities are held through accounts of participants of the Depository Trust Company, all conversion instructions must be delivered to such participants.
The Company suggests Class D Preferred Stock shareholders wishing to voluntarily convert their shares contact Equiserve Trust Company (the Company's transfer agent and the depositary for the Class D Preferred Stock) at 1-877-453-1506 as soon as possible to make sure your conversion instructions are received in a timely manner.
Each shareholder is being mailed a notice of this resolution including conversion instructions.