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(computer science)
To transform the representation of data.


1. (Or "REC", "Regular Expression Converter") A string processing language that combined the pattern matching and transformation operations of COMIT with the recursive data structures of Lisp.

["Convert", A. Guzman et al, CACM 9(8):604-615, Aug 1966].

2. An early language to convert programs and data from one language to another.

["CONVERT Manual", OLI Systems Inc, Oct 1976].
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What may have come as unexpected news to many spectators of the deal is that Levy's firm, YL Realty, has announced that instead of converting the two assets to condominiums, it will continue to operate them as rental properties.
The problem was that converting to nobake molding required all of the existing green sand patterns to be reengineered.
A reorganization of Proctor & Gamble's (10) business segments made it even harder to calculate a figure that sensibly reflects true pulp, paper and converting sales, since several major brands moved to different divisions.
Converting a building from its previous use to a new use takes vision.
of Fulton, NY, has completed the sale of the assets of its Black Clawson Converting Machinery division to a new company formed by the management team of Black Clawson Converting Machinery and investment partners, Hamilton Robinson LLC.
Web Converting, the recognized leader in contract converting nationwide, has five plants across the country and years of experience in custom converting with precision, high-quality and customized service.
Do those who now laud him as the patron saint of homosexuals know about his claim that he was prevented from converting to Catholicism as a youth, or that he was received into the Church on November 29, 1900, the day before he died?
Assume the same facts as in the initial example, except that the partners are considering converting the partnership into a limited liability company (LLC).
If the individual will be in a low tax bracket at retirement or must use IRA money to pay the taxes on the conversion, he or she should think twice before converting to a Roth.
The desirability of converting (to methanol) is simply a cost issue,'' Burke said.
One thermoformer needed two maintenance men before converting but only one afterward.
To perfect conversion rights, a Converting Stockholder must comply with all of the following procedures: