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For instance, one COOC suggested helping one's professor with some off-duty, small task- like locating articles or copying papers-as a useful practice that is considered absolutely normal for graduate students in the U.
Developing cultural membership and group empathy through responding to others' life predicaments, COOCs offer cultural advice in the form of admonishment and guidance.
These three categories of predicaments stir up more heated discussions because COOCs can relate to such incidents based on common group membership and can recall their own experiences or imagine themselves in the similar difficult situations.
More specifically, the current study examines: 1) What are the categories of life predicaments that draw most fervent discussions in the researched website; 2) What are the most common strategies given by COOCs as advice for coping with different life predicaments; 3) How the cultural advice offered by COOCs reveals a form of strategic cultural identification that emphasizes some cultural principles and communication strategies for dealing with disadvantaged Chinese identity in host society.
The oil is a brisk seller in the winery's tasting room, Preston said, thanks in part to its COOC extra virgin certification and last year's favorable Wine Spectator review.
For industry resources and information on the organization's certification program, visit the Web site cooc.
The COOC is dedicated to promoting fresh, quality extra virgin olive oils made in California.
However, the COOC opposes the proposed order for the following reasons, outlined in a letter from the council's president, Roberto Zeeca:
The California industry is committed to the complete and accurate labeling of its products, and feels that the NAOOA has not addressed labeling issues in the past, and has chosen not to address these issues as part of the Order despite repeated requests from the COOC to do so.
The COOC is a non-profit trade and marketing association whose purpose is to promote the growing of olives and the production of olive oil in California.
Patricia Darragh, COOC Executive Director, states: "We commend Mr.
Darragh highlights the fact that "for the last three years, the COOC has added a UVA chemical requirement, which is there to detect potentially adulterated oils.