cooling medium

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cooling medium, coolant

A fluid which conducts heat from one or more heat sources and transports it to a heat exchanger, where the heat is removed and disposed of.
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Because of the low thermal resistance of the path from the server to cooling medium, the water can be as hot as 35C.
As device power levels rise, it is increasingly important to control and reduce the thermal resistance between the device and the cooling medium.
m] is the thermal conductivity of the cooling medium.
are marketing for the first time in Japan refrigerators using hydrocarbons as cooling medium to open the way for a genuine era of doing away with chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
Or, Coleman said, the solution used to chill fully cooked meat or poultry products, typically brine or glycol, can be treated with Cecure to control microorganisms that might be present in the cooling medium.
The R-176 features the company's proprietary spiral channel design, a special, jacketed main barrel that allows a countercurrent flow of heating and/or cooling medium through up to three separate control zones.
The other advantage of water as a cooling medium is the stability of the temperature of cooling water throughout the year.
Recycled waste water, or effluent, is used as the cooling medium for two large chillers.
At the bottom of the chambers are perforated plates through which the heating or cooling medium enters.
Cooler Design : Tower, Water Tank Capacity : 98 Liters, Cooling Medium : Honeycomb, Air Delivery : M3/Hr : 5500, For Room Up To : Mt3/ Ft3 142/5000, Voltage : 230 V / 50 Hz, Engg.