coordinate system

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The Four Main Coordinate Systemsclick for a larger image
The Four Main Coordinate Systems
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coordinate system

coordinate system

() A system, resembling that of latitude and longitude on the Earth, by which the direction of a celestial body or a point in the sky can be specified. The direction is defined and determined by two spherical coordinates, referred to a fundamental great circle lying on the celestial sphere and a point on the fundamental circle (see illustration). One coordinate (a) is the angular distance of the celestial body measured perpendicular to the fundamental circle along an auxiliary great circle passing through the body and the poles of the fundamental circle. The other coordinate (b) is the angular distance measured along the fundamental circle from a selected zero point to the intersection of the auxiliary circle.

There are four main coordinate systems: the equatorial, horizontal, ecliptic, and galactic coordinate systems (see table). They are all centered on the Earth. Transformations can be made from one system to another by means of the relationships between the angles and sides of the relevant spherical triangles. The astronomical triangle, for example, relates equatorial and horizontal coordinates; the triangle formed by the celestial body and the poles of the equator and ecliptic relates equatorial and ecliptic coordinates. See also heliocentric coordinate system.

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Any event point in the dark regions of space that does not violate the Lorentz factor impact of the gravitational force between the two coordinate systems (K) and (K") can be considered to be on the constant curvature.
respectively express the differential rotation angle of each coordinate axis of the joint coordinate system relative to the system coordinate system.
The position of a 3D point in the local horizontal coordinate system with the origin coinciding with instrument location is determined in this way.
the direction of the x axis of the body coordinate system with respect to the z axis and xz plane
It begins by listing ten different coordinate values for the same location, reminding the reader that a location's coordinate position is relative and entirely dependent upon the coordinate system definition.
Scientists were not entirely satisfied with the Cartesian coordinate system, so they developed other systems of coordinates, such as the spherical of the cylindrical ones.
Which was expected, since the rotated coordinate system involves no more and no fewer assumptions than its standard counterpart.
bar] relative to the xy coordinate system are seen to be (r cos(-[alpha]), r sin(-[alpha])) = (r cos [alpha], -r sin [alpha]), since the angle [alpha] is measured counterclockwise from the Spring equinox where [n.
Derivation of a local coordinate system which is fundamental for the steering of vehicles along a path never before traversed
The gear calculated in this paper is left hand (LH), and the cutter is mounted on the lower right of cradle during processing, so the cutter coordinate system is set in the lower right of cradle coordinate system as shown in Fig.
2 Mathematical Model of PMSM in the stator flux rotation x-y coordinate system

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