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These advances enable the delivery of symmetric Gigabit services over a single copper pair, mitigating the need to bond multiple pairs of copper.
We are looking forward to see the first copper pair unbundled to provide competing services and realise the goals of LLU by resulting in better prices, higher speed, and more innovative services.
In the event of total local loop unbundling (unbundling access to the copper pair for the provision of advanced services by third parties), the local loop is leased to a third party for the latter's exclusive use.
The ISL8489E and ISL8491E provide industry leading speed, reach, data integrity, reliability and flexibility that designers of copper pair bus networks need to meet today's high-performance demands," said Michael Althar, Vice President of Intersil's Analog Solutions Product Group.
In the case of full unbundling of the local loop (unbundling access to the copper pair for the competitive provision of advanced services by third parties), the copper pair is leased for the exclusive use by a third party.
The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD provides an ADSL connection and three or six lifeline POTS on a single copper pair.
0 bit error rate (BER) over a single copper pair for 20,000 feet," stated Marc Landry, CEO of XtendWave.
SHDSL technology is a multi-rate version of HDSL2 that operates over a copper infrastructure, employing either a single or double copper pair, depending on the amount of bandwidth desired.
The system broke new ground in the telecommunications industry for its ability to use an existing twisted copper pair to deliver three voice lines and a 1.
The ISC-303 Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) consolidates subscribers' copper pair lines into higher bandwidth circuits.
Whether configured with fiber-interfaced ESON (Ethernet Switched Optical Network) line cards, or copper pair VDSL line cards, or both, the AS5000 will continue to support all of its existing capabilities, including:
Our non-blocking IP DSLAMs are able to provide the necessary bandwidth and quality of service required for IP video, and Oxford will greatly increase their service revenue by providing multiple services over a single copper pair.