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The Yorkshire Copper Tube plant in Kirkby, which closed earlier this year
The revised guidance incorporates new design stress values for copper tube, which were not included in the original European Standard.
While the mechanical adherence of the copper tube inserts is less important than with the steel rods, it is nevertheless interesting to measure it.
Yorkshire Copper Tube was set up as a separate company in 1983 and a major factory modernisation programme began three years later, which took seven years to complete.
It's a high-tech, compact version of a homemade contraption that uses copper tubes and garden hose.
Tests to drill rose granite and diorite, by a copper tube, showed that these stones took 15 times longer to drill than limestone (Stocks 1988: 212, 340).
DALLAS -- Outdoor heat pump coils with copper tubes and fins have been used in residential and commercial heating and cooling systems for decades.
DESPITE its name, Yorkshire Copper Tube was based on the East Lancashire Road at Kirkby.
copper tube and fittings industry, today announces the launch of the latest video in its 'Do it Proper With Copper' series : Soldering of No-Lead Copper Alloy Fittings, Valves and Components.
LEADING copper tube manufacturer, Yorkshire Copper Tube, has celebrated the official opening of its new offices in Kirkby, Knowsley.
Who remembers the rotating copper tube in the window opposite the Dog and Partridge pub?
The UK's leading producer of copper tube - Mueller Europe - has told students at Walsall College of Arts and Technology to get on the scrapheap.