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PLUS has been an innovator in copyboard design for decades, so needless to say we're excited to help promote the next generation of PLUS copyboards," said Veronica Esbona, president, InGear PR.
The new whiteboard can either work with a projector or computer, as a traditional whiteboard, or as an electronic copyboard for a truly interactive lesson.
headquartered in Tokyo; president: Shinichi FUKUSHIMA), the leading manufacturer(a) of creative meeting and communication tools such as Copyboards (electric whiteboards), have been launching the slim and compact Copyboard CR-5 which allows handwritten notes drawn by a board marker on the board surface to print on plain paper (in four colors), digitally transfer to a PC or save to a USB Flash Memory directly since beginning of April, 2008.
CopyCam Image Capturing System changes an ordinary whiteboard into a copyboard, enabling users to instantly capture notes and drawings.
The recognized leader in projector miniaturization and electronic copyboard products, PLUS Vision has the largest selection of DLP projectors and copyboards with a comprehensive range of features and functions to meet the varying needs of corporate executives, educators, traveling professionals and others.
Featuring a unique design that measures only 46 inches by 28 inches and offers two writing surfaces -- traditional white board or flip-chart capabilities, the new PLUS M-5 Copyboard allows flexibility that is not offered anywhere else in the marketplace today.
Printing directly from any whiteboard with mimio is as simple as pressing one button and it costs far less than using an electronic copyboard.
Reflecting PLUS Vision's commitment to increase the effective use of multimedia learning in K-12 education, the school will receive a DLP projector and an electronic copyboard.
High-quality printouts can be made on any standard copy paper, which is less expensive and better quality than the fax paper that is commonly used for printing copyboard information.
In addition to memory card functionality and plain paper printing, both models feature two interchangeable writing surfaces, USB-connectivity for HP-compatible printers, and the ability to have the copyboard wall mounted or placed on an optional stand.
Presentation products include data projectors, interactive whiteboards and electronic copyboards, as well as more traditional equipment.