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The moralistic tales of her fourth brother's huqin music manage to subdue the coquettishness of her eyes and restrict the vibrant movement of which her supple physique is capable.
She is described as a school girl ("trenzas, monitos, zapatos escolares) but with a sexually mature coquettishness ("actitud desenvuelta de 'cocotte' madura") (Gambaro 43).
The model of the feminine masquerade is useful to understand Saint-Phalle's flirting and coquettishness.
Eternally youthful Imogen Stubbs swings between girlish coquettishness and motherly hand-wringing as Amanda, the abandoned wife despairing of her daughter's future.
asked Donia between numbers, finger tapping her cheek in little-girl coquettishness.
Bentall coloured this affectionate farewell to old colleagues with a neat touch of coquettishness that suggested she was probably quite happy to be leaving them.
She toys with the Whale Caller, manipulating him into an angry stalemate before turning to directness and gentle coquettishness.
Even items such as the coquettishness of the young wife come up for discussion in this regard--according to Kant, we can view the purpose of this behavior to lie in the need of the young woman to maintain ties permitting the acquisition of new husband should the old one pass on.
While the work's alternation between sensual and gruesomely violent depictions of children inevitably suggests certain unwholesome possibilities, there's little evidence that the artist significantly augmented the coquettishness inherent in the coloring-book and advertising images of the little girls he copied or pasted into his work.
In the highly moralized context of the day, this duality was viewed with ambivalence: the splendid attire that a true "lady" donned in public demonstrated her elevated social rank as well as her skill at handling appearances with care, but "always was viewed with a degree of suspicion, as if social ostentation covered over coquettishness, seduction, deceit, or libertinage.
The strange young girl with the feather in her hat (in the Hermitage, St Petersburg), half unclothed, or Laura de Dianti accompanied by her Ethiopian page, or the Sultana Rossa, or the pensive Judith stroking the hair of Holofernes' severed head--all of these women reign, they dominate without any weakness, without compromise, without vertigo, without hesitation or unease, without coquettishness.
The actress and production's co-adapter mixes twittery girlishness, coquettishness and ultimately a backbone that we, the audience, don't necessarily anticipate.