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And each meeting meant a drink; and there was much to talk about; and more drinks; and songs to be sung; and pranks and antics to be performed, until the maggots of imagination began to crawl, and it all seemed great and wonderful to me, these lusty hard-bitten sea- rovers, of whom I made one, gathered in wassail on a coral strand.
She fled deeper, and I knew I had her for I was between her and the surface; but in the muck coral sand of the bottom she made a churning with her squid stick.
Not ten feet to the right, probing a coral fissure with her squid stick, was the Princess, and the tiger shark was heading directly for her.
I fended him off with both hands on his nose above his thousand-toothed open mouth, so that he backed me against the sharp coral.
Jackson is exploring the coral reefs that make up the Palmyra Atoll, a group of reef islands that have grown along the donut-shaped rim of a submerged volcano.
But samples gathered by the underwater robot, which has remotely-operated manipulators and cameras to collect data, found much of the coral had been damaged or killed by trawlers.
Coral is often used for the foundation and walls of old houses or pavement in Okinawa, home to the world's longest-living people.
Coral Duo's Everfort[R] vinyl backing is waterproof, and the mats can be glued down or loose-laid.
By the mid-1970s, Coral had established itself, along with Ladbroke, William Hill and Mecca, as one of the Big Four bookmakers, its familiar slogan, `Never a quarrel, bet with Coral'.
Coral reef ecosystems are a valuable source of food and income to coastal communities around the world.
If you've been diving in the Keys recently and happened upon something that looks like a Christmas tree of coral, you're not alone.
Oxybenzone is found in over 3,500 sunscreen products worldwide, and pollutes coral reefs from swimmers wearing sunscreens and through wastewater discharges from municipal sewage outfalls and from coastal septic systems.