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They simply ran to the nearest coral head and cut you off.
Then one manta, and then another, appeared in the distance and glided towards us, swooping above a huge coral head like a pelican passing at an angle over a navigational buoy.
There were no odds at the time so the lady in the shop rang Coral head office asking for a price.
David Macdonald, Coral head of stadia, said: "We're delighted to have been involved with a successful first year of RPGTV through our two tracks at Romford and Hove, and look forward to the second year and beyond.
prolixus was found on one Acropora coral head together with the species G.
The butterfly fish spins and chases the cleaner wrasse around a coral head.
These ecosystems, whether as small as a single coral head or as large as the Sargasso Sea, are maintained by the interaction of the particular organisms in the ecosystems with environmental forces, such as temperature, currents, nutrients, and sunlight.
We lost a 1,000-year-old coral head off Pandora Reef in '98.
depressa in the vicinity of La Paz, Espiritu Santo Island and Partida Island, although both species may be found living in the same coral head.
Veltex Corporation has received a repeat purchase order for $568,000 from existing customer Coral Head, Inc.
To elucidate any underlying patterns that govern Caribbean species diversity and abundance with respect to head size, it was hypothesized that each coral head size exhibits a different diversity of included coral species.
Floating quietly over a reef, watch the transactions of life on a coral head.