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With over 2,000 streaming channels, the TCL Roku TV offers the ultimate in choice, making it an ideal TV for the cord cutter or cable subscriber that wants to have access to the most entertainment content.
The typical cord cutter is under 35 years old with a small household and a lower income than the traditional phone user, the high-tech market research firm says.
It is targeted at cord cutters, a new generation of consumers dissatisfied with the current pay-TV offerings.
Moreover, they think they will appeal to cord cutters as well as people who could never watch cable.
Most would-be cord cutters will need to pick and choose from multiple services to cobble together all the shows they watch, and family members may not be able to watch simultaneously.
TV programmers have been seeking for ways to reach broadband-only younger consumers and other cord cutters as traditional cable subscriptions get more expensive.
05 million did it in 2011, and it is projected that by the end of this year the number of cord cutters will reach 3.
Cord cutting," or the complete cancellation of paid TV services by consumers, was primarily driven by the economic downturn, and many cord cutters returned to paid TV when their family finances allowed.
Millennials (Adults 18-34) make up the majority (52%) of cord cutters over the past two years.
Lookhu is meant to be the TV destination place for cord cutters, and core nevers.
Dish also is combating a rising tide of so-called cord cutters, who are abandoning paying for traditional television services in favor of cheaper streaming alternatives.
99 a month, Netflix is a no-brainer for the growing number of cord cutters, a nickname given to people who have given up on cable television and only have an internet connection as their access to media.